Prior to construction and maintenance work, TERASCOM INTERNATIONAL operates, in all of its sites, a major industrial activity of production, distribution, sale and recycling of construction materials (aggregates, emulsions and binders, mixes, ready-mixed concrete, bitumen), self-consumed or sold to third parties.

For this, TERASCOM relies on a dense international network of:

  • 20 quarries and gravel pits (exploited)
  • 10 Concrete plants
  • 05 asphalt mixing plants

TERASCOM is the community of its CEO and his collaborators. If we are convinced that only growth can satisfy our stakeholders, we also believe that it must have meaning for all those who contribute to it. For this reason, we remain faithful to the vocation, values ​​and ethical principles that have guided us since 2001.


We intervene respecting our commitments from the point of view of safety, quality and deadlines